Spirit Of Love

The Power Of Your Love

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Athens Of The North

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Gospel is not something we often delve into at AOTN, I like the odd track but to make the grade it has to be really good. I used to play 'He's Alright' (the B-Side of this 45) from the LP back in the day when you could pick it up for $10. At that point nobody cared or was looking for Gospel Disco (especially on LP) but Times and tastes catch up with us out there on the front line ;) so when I heard Floating Points play 'The Power of Your Love' at the Plastic People closing party I was surprised as I had all but forgotten about the LP (credit where credit is due). I jumped into action, hit up Calvin Bridges who wrote and recorded the LP (and is still recording gospel to this day) and he was happy to help out, so here we have it, A now historic track flipped with my preferred B side and old secret weapon, this will fly.


Millie says: There's no holding back with Spirit Of Love, warming and uplifting this 7" is just the perfect balance of gospel and soul goodness! It's flying off the shelves so you better be quick...!


1. The Power Of Your Love
2. He's Alright

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