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Fantasy Country

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Flyying Colours- hints of early 90’s shoe-gaze and grunge, which fans of Ride & MBV will connect with.

Australian four-piece Flyying Colours are set to release their sophomore album; taking inspiration from the early 90s UK psych/shoegaze scene, 'Fantasy Country' is rich in sonic texture and shimmering atmospherics with a heavy dose of melody. From the swooning, sludgy 'Goodtimes' and urgent noise-fest of 'Big Mess', to the gorgeous melodic pop of 'OK', Flyying Colours look to redefine noise within the context of pop music. Elsewhere, 'It's Real' is perfect, summery dreampop while the crushingly loud 'White Knuckles' and chugging 'Boarding Pass' is a hazy, echo-laden spaced-out affair.


2.Big Mess
4.Its Real
5.White Knuckles
6.Eyes Open
7.This One
8.Boarding Pass

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