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Manchester late nite voodoo cartel Bakk Heia have impecable form to date - with three incredibly well received releases decorating their already cult status as top-drawer party organizers and promoters. Here they re-enlist Schuttle who inaugarated the label back in 2019 and draws inspiration from the Great Conjunction of Thra's Three Suns (!!!).

"Ritual Master" demonstrates some tasty, slo-mo 303 kinetics; a thudding, sub-120BPM kick slowly edging us towards a coital climax. A track undeniably birthed from the White Hotel's uterus from wence the label came. 

"Heretic" ups the urgency, and the bounce; squelchy synths and wet drums somehow nodding to the Glaswegian tapps arf cru in the most subtle manner possible.  

"Ekt" opens side B with instellar electronics not a million miles away from the FireScope catalogue of artsts. Surely indebted to the rich vein of UK electronix without obviously ripping off any one particular artist, Schuttle's grasp of texture, atmopshere and rhythm is highly advanced, superior, and belies is so-far modest discography.

"Weaver" returns to slo-motion pools of concentric sonic titivation. Another coital rub-down but more orgiastic and hallucinatory traits than earlier. If you can imagine the sheer illicit outpouring of energy that might just occur, post-COVID, then it'll be tracks like this that soundtrack the club-wide love-ins and group-XTC slumber parties that follow...  


Matt says: In lieu of any physical interactions at TWH, Bakk Heia continue to provide our ears and minds with sonic grub. You'll remember Schuttle from the label's debut back in 2019. Now he's back with another four stylized tracks inspired by Jack's infamous parties. TIP!


A1. Ritual Master
A2. Heretic
B1. Ekt
B2. Weaver

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