Peven Everett


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Groovin Recordings

About this item

Reissue merchants Groovin have unearthered some pretty tidy gems from the worlds of disco and house music during their almost decade-long existance. Here they look to Chi-town house music royalty Peven Everett, and his exquistive track "Special" from 2008. Containing Pev's usual organically-fuelled thrust, a delicious vocal part and rushes of rich instrumentation it's a quintessentialyl Everett experience, but one that's escaped some of his most ardent fans and thus demands quite a costly sum when it does surface on 2nd hand markets...

As usual, Groovin can be relied upon to make these kinda gold standard tracks available to the everyman once again - tip top. 


A. Special (Original)
B. Special (Remix) 

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