Cybercity Z-ro L

Image of Cygnus - Cybercity Z-ro L
Record Label
Gentrified Underground

About this item

Gorgeous album from one of the US's finest IDM & electro producers - Cygnus.

Phillip Washington is an electronic musician based in Dallas, Texas; and has been making a name for himself since the early 2010’s with releases on Central Processing Unit, Breakin’ Records, Biosoft Records, Recondite and Icesea to name a few. Gentrified Underground is giving his first & sought after tape longplayer “Cybercity Z-Ro” from 2012 a vinyl reissue and a total cover-art make-over by Walid El Barbir. These aquatic and futuristic compositions represent a seminal timestamp for Phillip’s discography and electro in general.

Pressed on green-vinyl!


Matt says: One for the proper mainframe nuts. Phillip Washington knows his fuckin circuit boards! And manages to harness a beguiling and arresting array of sounds from his equipment. Hard edged, hardcore synthesis and sequencing from a modern stalwart of the scene. Imperitive!


A1. Icasean Sewer Patrol
A2. Subterrestials 1
B1. Mitgefuhl
B2. Aquatisch
B3. Aluminium Flakes
C1. Archus
C2. Subterrestials 2
C3. Eclipse
D1. Artereole
D2. Zentrum Metropole
D3. Astrobation
D4. SSsss7777 

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