Something To Say To You

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Grand Jury Music

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Sophomore album from Jordana, featuring her two 2020 EPs compiled on one limited 12" Single #2 from To You, second in two-part EP series from 20-year-old Kansas-based songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. "i guess this is life is a song about the motions of everyday life and how experiences, no matter big or small, make up the person that you are and how you both perceive and are perceived by the world" - Jordana Nye.


Barry says: Smooth, perfectly produced synth-pop meets melodic indie to great effect. Angular hooks and more subtle grooves mix together into a perfect melting pot, creating an intricate but unfussy whole.


1. I'll Take It Boring
2. Guaranteed
3. Hitman
4. Big
5. Far Away From You
6. Forgetter
7. Interlude
8. Divine
9. Fuck You
10. Decline
11. I Guess This Is Life
12. Reason

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