Cog In The Wheel

About this item

No info, no nonsense, straight up devilish heaters. Infectious, salacious and the perfect blend of vocals and stomping, peak-time dynamics, ‘Cog In The Wheel’ is the definition of an earworm, burrowing it’s way ever further into the recesses of your brain with each drop of the needle.

Flip it for a deeper, heads down alternative version of the title track before this mysterious EP closes with a tripped out, contorted journey through a psychedelic abyss.


Matt says: Liked those EEE and Digwah tech-house hybrids? You're gonna love this! Also big for fans of DC-10 styled rollers and those trendy, up-all-nite Berlin club kids.


A1. Cog In The Wheel (Unknown Artist Edit)
B1. Cog In The Wheel (Unknown Artist Alternative Edit)
B2. Message From The Creator

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