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Bamboo Shows

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After two compilation tapes, Bamboo Shows opens 2021 with a full length vinyl release by Jonquera.

With “Darkos LP”, the Lyon-based, Pilotwings affiliate offers us an incredible 45-minute 14-track album that haunts, beguils and tantalizes in equal measure. Produced in one week, the project revels in medieval dark-ambient, HD sound design and esoteric illbient; taking inspiration from noise music and doom to introduce alternately a gloomy, epic or spiritual atmosphere. Treading that thin line between gothic dance, carnal tension and haunting ambience, it should appeal to lovers of Coil, Muslimgauze, 23 Skidoo, Jay Glass Dubs and the recent Vādin release on Utter.

A surprising album narrating a feudal struggle between a heretic woman and a priest in the small town of Charlieu, France. A metaphoric way to highlight the duality of the project, always oscillating between medieval darkness and contemporary techniques of electronic music production. An occult thematic that we also find in the album artworks, painted by Toulouse-based Artist Alison Flora with her own blood.

Transparent red vinyl, marbled with black.
Includes A4 insert + A6 download card
All artworks are painted with blood by Alison Flora. 


A1 Couvent Dos Cordelieus
A2 Darkos
A3 Benedictin
A4 Saint Cotson
A5 Pouir
A6 Clotses
A7 Don Bosco
B1 Beutson Ardent
B2 Pont De Djabe
B3 Veurtsio
B4 Odsives
B5 Feune De D'main
B6 Verat
B7 Grand Deuc

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