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Manifesto is the first release on the new label Shape of Space Records. It is a Balearic inspired chugfest with guitars and a killer acid bassline, written and produced by Paul Greendale and Chris Stevenson who have been working together for 25 years on various projects. The AA side is a remix which strips it down to the basics, whilst keeping the essence of the original. Both mixes were played extensively at the club A Love From Outer Space and the Convenanza Festival Autumn 2019 by both Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston. It is now available as a limited edition run of 200 vinyl and there will be no re-press so when they’re gone they’re gone.


Matt says: Acid-flecked cosmic huge with the ALFOS crews and inaugurating Shape Of Space's discography stylishly, don't miss this sure-to-be massive slo-mo hit.

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