Melba Moore

Just Doing Me

About this item

Forget the Pfizer, Oxford and Moderna, it turns out Melba Moore has the antidote for any contemporary complaints with a BRAND NEW SINGLE! The living legend teams up with Chicago producer Terry Hunter to bring us the empowerment and optimist of "Just Doing Me", the inaugural release on new label Mirror Ball Recordings. Terry turns out a sizzling disco-house 4/4 then adds thick wah guitar, soulful keys and horns, laying a totally Southport ready foundation for Melba's impeccable vocals. For those moments when something a little loftier is required, turn to the Rhodes-fest of the B1 instrumental and prepare to swoon, while a straightforward radio mix closes the 12" out in functional fashion.


A1. Just Doing Me (Terry Hunter Club Mix)
B1. Just Doing Me (Terry Hunter Club Instrumental)
B2. Just Doing Me (Terry Hunter Radio Mix)

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