De-mixes Vol 1

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Loveface arrive with their De Mix series of releases, revving their Delorean up, ready to go back to a 1980's NYC dancefloor! Two classic vocals given the electro boogie treatment, transporting them back to a pre house dance floor. On the A-side Whitney's Paradise Garage post-disco / proto house heater "Love Will Save The Day" is stripped of its instrumental pulse and then reshaped like a raucous Rene & Angela jam-a-thon! So far so good, but it's the B-side that brings the maximum drama here, delivering an absurdly good boogie flip on Crystal Waters' house anthem "Gypsy Woman", supporting the vocal and piano refrain with Jomox perx, a heavyweight bassline and more sick synthlines than you can shake a stick at. These cats even put those backing vox through the vocoder - absolute jam-a-thon!


Javi says: La da deee! La da daaa!


A1. Loveface Saves The Day
B1. Singing For Money

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