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Idol Eyes

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5 track EP ‘Idol Eyes’ is the debut release from Common Saints. Featuring some of the most carefully crafted and intricate guitar tones you’ll hear in a long time, this is RnB meets psychedelic pop, with an inexplicable natural groove that holds everything together.

With infectiously smooth vocal hooks, warm bass tones and a rhythm that  flows effortlessly, this is a seriously cool record that destroys genre boundaries from the get-go.

On ‘Idol Eyes’, Common Saints added: “Idol eyes’ is a journey through a Utopian world. Dusty drums and Pink Floyd like guitars. The chorus lyric “We wanna make love, we wanna get high” kind of boils down some of the most simplistic drives of mankind.”

This is the start of an expressive journey of sounds, controlled music experimentation and high-end production from a producer that is renowned for his passion. You can expect a whole host of music in the near future too. We’re excited to introduce to you, Common Saints. 


A1. Idol Eyes
A2. Letting Go
A3. Summer Sun
B1. Lovesong
B2. Secret Song

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