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Back To Life

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Another release from Back To Life who, like Mint Condition, bring attention to hedonistic moments of dancefloor revellry from ages past.

This time round it's the turn of Orlando Voorn. The label have mined four tracks from his impressive and unmistakable discography. Kicking off it's the Todd Terry-esque "Damn Right"; with swung drums and killer pads. The big dancefloor track, and True Faith-sampling "Dance" is obviously included for maximum enjoyment while "Reckless" dives even further into the drum machine swing and shuffle settings! Finally, "Soundclash" closes off proceedings on a sublime yet heavy techno track: mixing bright strings and quirky squelches with a slamming beat and urgent energy. Top drawer stuff al lthe way on this one folks - essential stuff for Voorn fans and anyone with a love for that OG Detroit techno buzz! Recommended!


Matt says: Loud and fizzy, swung and shuffled; it's the sound of Orlando Voorn of course! Four classics from his vault, scanned and reproduced from the good folks at Back To Life.


A1. Damn Right
A2. Reckless
AA1. Dance
AA2. Soundclash

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