Private Life III

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Music From Memory

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Garrett III is more of a swan project. A final installment, if you will. Garrett is now retreating more deeply, as evident by the album cover by @GangCulture into obscurity. The time has come for a landing via this 3rd installment of his ‘private life’. After surviving a lockdown x worldwide pandemic in 1 piece, without going insane, he has finally decided 2 conclude this phase of his tightrope walk between lush Ambient touched Modern-Funk & the choice of no vocals / strictly instrumental aural experiences, for listeners of all hues, backgrounds & taste. The hope is that it’s enjoyed in whatever way feasible for all human (& alien) kind.


Patrick says: Garrett (AKA D*m F*nk) completes his Music From Memory triptych with another breezy batch of New Age grooves. Sunblushed moochers and stoned rollers for the boogie massive.


A1. Chasing The Clouds Away
A2. Hang Glyde
A3. Room With A View
A4. Timeless
B1. Memories
B2. Pushin’
B3. Knowing
B4. Watching The Skies

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