J Kriv & Dicky Trisco / Bernardo Pinheiro

Barefoot Beats 11

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Barefoot Beats

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The Barefoot Beats posse continue to dream of having sand between their toes and caiprinhas in their hands while dancing to wonderful music without a care in the world. This is the life they truly love and want to share with the world.

NYC music man JKriv joins forces with his amigo Dicky Trisco - both lovers of all things Brasilian - and together they conjure up a spiritual piece of Bahian magic for the body and the soul. The vibe tries to capture the joyful essence of the boat parties they play together each year in Brasil. Just close your eyes, feel the breeze and dance.

Meanwhile on the flip, the lovely Bernardo Pinheiro, a rising star from the Northern territory of Belem in Para, drops a chant and keys driven funk bomb. The sound is guaranteed to drive your Carnaval bloco wild or sunset beach party into dance floor ecstasy.

Isca na pista as they say...


A. J Kriv & Dicky Trisco - Mae Do Mar
B. Bernardo Pinheiro - Xango

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