Richard Norris

Music For Healing

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Group Mind

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Richard Norris started the 'Music For Healing' series in lockdown, releasing one calming, anxiety relieving track each week for three months. The response was very positive, with numerous people getting in contact to say how much the music had helped in this challenging situation. The work is also part diary - the moods evoked range from pure deep listening drone relaxation, through reflective synthesis through to more hopeful piano led pieces. "This music was created as a kind of safe space", he says. "It helped me through lockdown and I'm glad it helped others too."


Barry says: Richard Norris' 'Elements' was one of my favourite albums this year, and he continues his run of essential synthplay with this beautiful suite of more ambient pieces. I couldn't imagine a better album for healing. Rich but restrained, this is the perfect accompaniment to deep listening or a good book.

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