Jan Van Den Broeke

Lost And Latest

About this item

After celebrated LP-releases on Stroom ("11000 Dreams") and Minimal Wave (The Lonely Crowd"), EE Tapes proudly present a new beguiling retrospective of Belgian art-house and ambient music artist Jan Van den Broeke.

"Lost And Latest" is - again - a cherry-picked set of the many projects of Jan, including Absent Music, The Misz, June11, and even his recent occasional project Canto De Mudo.

Half wacked-out library music evercise, quarter downbeat diggers golden nugget, 20% esoteric opus and the remainder decidedly the composer's own unique alchemy, "Lost And Latest" is as complete and guided study into this eccentric artists as you're likely to find. They've done the hard work so you don't have to! Highly recommended! 


A1. Absent Music - How Else?
A2. Absent Music - Le Rêve De C.J.
A3. Absent Music - Seeds Grow, Signs Move
A4 : The Misz - Les Nouveaux Pauvres #1
A5. The Misz - Verlaine Et La Belle
A6. The Misz - Berçeuse Electrique
B1. June11 - Lost To The World
B2. June11 - Matter Is Alive
B3. June11 - I Know The Moonlight
B4. Canto De Mudo - Eno-de Sela #1
B5. June11 - Poem For Dead Poets
B6. Je Trébuche Pas #2

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