Gabriel Rei

City Of Dreams

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Record Label
Bienvenue Records

About this item

Lush, hi-fidelity, electronic house music here from Montreal as Gabriel Rei blesses Bienvenue with three tracks of sumptious late nite textures.

Produced with a keen attention to detail and a firm grip of his technologies, all three tracks exude a dreamy expansiveness - with elements of dub techno coalesced with direct dancefloor kinetics and a floaty, melodic touch. Pulsating, rippling and cascading synth licks it's defining feature.

Rei's patches and synthesis are mind bogglingly good; recalling the recently passed D. Ball and his Ourtime output alongside other higher ring operatives. This is pretty special folks, especially for those with a penchant the more techier side of house music - don't sleep!


A1. All And This
A2. Basement Limbo
B. City Of Dreams

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