Jonny L

The Remixes '96 - '97 - Inc. Carl Craig / Grooverider / Photek

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Jonny L ‘The Remixes ‘96-‘97 - a compilation of remixes from Carl Craig, Grooverider and Photek. These remixes of drum & bass legend Jonny L are little known gems that were originally released in 1996 and 1997 when each of the artists were arguably at the height of their powers. It is the first ever reissue of these tracks. Remastered and sounding amazing!
On the A-side the C2 influence is clearly audible from the outset, as a low sub-bass rhythm chugs along and will cause soundsystems to fart with delight.  When the full sequence does drop, its a joyous, feel-good track but restrained and sexy with it. Lots of thick, major-key pad chords, seductive female vocal and live percussion. A bit club, a bit carnival, and very enjoyable listening. 
"Piper" was an essential bit of business for a generation of ravers, and this Grooverider mix is one of those tunes you go back to time and time again. Photek's deep and dubby mix of "2 Of Us" rounds out an excellent set.


Matt says: Pardon my French Monsieur but fuck me sideways!! Literally the biggest tune on my ghettoblaster when I was 12. "Piper" is shit-your-pants scary. The scariest record from a very scary period of drum and bass (think "Temper Temper", Photek, Forme etc". Realllly nice Carl Craig mix on the flip too... what's not to go totally batshit for?!


This Time (Carl Craig Mix 1)
This Time (Carl Craig Mix 2)
Piper (Grooverider Remix)
2 Of Us (Photek Remix)

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