Roy Of The Ravers

Melchester Acid EP

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Acid Waxa

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Hold on to your gum boots and pack the squelch-proofs, Roy Of The Ravers is back with more of his peerless machine gurgles from the acid dimension. 'Melchester Acid (Part 3)' picks up midway through what sounds like a particularly gnarly jam where a grotty thump and slow sweeping filter work is finely balanced by a seductively spooky atmosphere. If 'Part 2' that follows is from the same jam it doesn't show, as this beast takes a more malevolent route into the heart of acid darkness. The big news on this release though is a much-needed vinyl pressing of 'Emotinium', the track that broke Roy to the wider populace back in 2015 thanks to its keen, AFX-approved sense of braindance romanticism.


Matt says: Made my day to get a fresh copy of "Emotinium" after it got scratched to buggery at the last Pomona rave. Easily the best 303 line written in history, you can quote me on that sir! Must be pissing off the discogs sharks this one... if you sleep this time you may as well just piss your pants right there.


A1. Melchester Acid (part 3)
A2. Melchester Acid (part 2)
B1. Emotinium
C1. Home Game Acid (edit)
D1. Away Game Acid (edit)

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