DJ Rocca

Tropicale 17 - Inc. Chicken Lips Remix

Image of DJ Rocca - Tropicale 17 - Inc. Chicken Lips Remix
Record Label
Whiskey Pickle

About this item

Whiskey Pickle returns with yet another 12" of eclectic leftfield deepness, this time around from prolific Italian producer DJ Rocca.

The first cut off the record 'Detox' is reminiscent of the early 80’s electronic sound with nice mellow synths and a clever breakbeat. The next track is the title cut 'Tropicale 17' a lovely arpeggiated bell laden jam that sounds something like Kraftwerk lost in the Japanese wilderness.

Side B is dedicated to the epic twelve plus minute 'Chicken Lips Malfunction' Chicken Lips remix of 'Tropicale 17'. This is the jam that got those fowl fellas (Andy Meecham & Dean Meredith) back in the studio and boy was it worth it!


A1. Detox
A2. Tropicale 17
B1. Tropicale 17 (Chicken Lips Malfunction)

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