Der Plan

Die Peitsche Des Lebens

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Bureau B

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The final instalment (for now) in this little series of classic Der Plan album reissues. Eleven years had passed since the release of "Geri Reig", their debut album. Tiki and electronica, noise and schlager, psychedelia and industrial, Kurt Martin and jerry-rigging, Cargo Cult and Ata Tak, Wuppertal and Dusseldorf, Hans-Albers-Platz and West-Berlin, Emulator I and Emulator II, old pizzas and new masks, making the most out of the least and living in the gallery, abstraction and pop, Japan and Japlan. A lot going on in those eleven years! Good times ... they had a ball. Beautiful.


A1. Es Werde Licht
A2. Die Peitsche Des Lebens
A3. Anders Sein
A4. Wenn Wir Beide Auseinander Gehn
A5. Kathedrale Der Konzentration
A6. Alles Ist Sinnlos
A7. Alter Mann
A8. Vive La Vie
B1. Wir Babies
B2. Kleiner Junge
B3. El Cigarro
B4. Live At The Village Vanguard
B5. Das Bose Kommt Auf Leisen Sohlen
B6. Erst Ich Dann Du
B7. Spiel 77
B8. Das War So Schon

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