Azu Tiwaline

Draw Me A Silence

Image of Azu Tiwaline - Draw Me A Silence
Record Label
IOT Records

About this item

Fantastic first album of Tunisian producer Azu Tiwaline, melting psychedelic dub, industrial and hypnotic techno deeply rooted in her berber culture, supported by Lena Willikens, Nicola Cruz, Toma Kami and Violet, to name a few!

Azu Tiwaline is a new name for a new spirit: one of a producer inspired by the need to explore her origins, rooted in the Tunisian Sahara. The Call to a different sound, organic and raw, vibrating in the great spaces of the African desert where trance music resonates... Ecstatic ritual.


A1. Berbeka
A2. Itrik
B1. Luz Azul
B2. Yenna
B3. Until The End
C1. Omok
C2. Red Viper
D1. Organ Dub Warriors
D2. Air Element
D3. Izen Zaren

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