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That's All You Got (feat. Robert Levon Been

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Fuzz Club

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‘That’s All You Got’, a slice of soulful, psychedelic R&B, is a collaboration with Robert Levon Been, from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Night Beats and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have played and toured together on multiple occasions and Levon Been can be heard co-producing and performing on the Night Beats’ 2016 LP ‘Who Sold My Generation’.

Talking about the single, Night Beats’ Danny Lee says: “Times like these are tryna keep you down. ‘That's All You Got’ is a reminder that when the world tries to keep you down, we will have a flame. That eternal fire still burns and all we can do is keep going. The human spirit perseveres and love conquers all. I was honored to work with one of the greatest writers I've had the pleasure of calling a friend, Robert [Levon Been]. Hopefully this song can bring light to the darkness surrounding all of us.” This single has received press support from major music publications including Pitchfork, Mojo, Q and more. Since 2009, the band has toured the world with the likes of Ty Segall, Black Angels and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

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