The Detox Twins

I Don't Like Christmas (But I Love The Sound)

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Snowflake Christmas Singles Club

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The Detox Twins don't particularly like Christmas, but still they have recorded a Christmas single. Why? Because they do love the sound of Christmas, as poet Devi Von Teufel assures us on the A-side of The Detox Twins’ contribution to the eight edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Devi's companion, Mark Vorderhaus, the other half of The Detox Twins, backs up her words with a soundtrack of catchy early 80s inspired synthesizer wave and electro. On the B-side The Detox Twins turn the most famous British Christmas rock song ever, Slade's 'Merry X-Mas Everybody', into an electro pop song, with vocoder style vocals by Mark Vorderhaus.

The Detox Twins is the duo of Berlin-based poet Devi Von Teufel and Mark Vorderhaus, who now resides in Yorkshire. Since 2014, The Detox Twins have released a range of mostly lathe cut 7"'s on Polytechnic Youth, that, as all releases on that label, sold out in no time. In 2019, Polytechnic Youth also put out the duo's debut album, 'Dead Horse Ghost', on which many of the songs that first appeared on the limited singles, were revisited. Besides taking care of the music and sometimes vocals in The Detox Twins, Mark Vorderhaus also does a solo project, Vorderhaus, with several releases for Polytechnic Youth.


A1. I Don't Like Christmas (But I Love The Sound)
B1. Merry Xmas Everybody

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