Chip On Fire / Jojo's Skank

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Two heavily dub-encrypted data packages by disrupt, retrieved from Jahtari deep storage and transferred to 7″ floppy disk for the very first time.
On side A 'Chip on Fire', a 2005 favourite, mutates through it’s dramtic arc with hypnotic bass pressure, exploding psycho-synths and CPU-straining mind bender moments until reaching an intense conclusion. 'Jojo’s Skank', the desperate battle against a merciless metronome on side B, gives a nod to the immortal ‘Monkey Island’ adventure game soundtracks by Michael Z. Land (1990 / 91). For those who know…

Highly limited with floppy disk artwork and spinning fantascope magic by Ellen G – C:\>ECHO not to be missed!


Matt says: Original nu-digi-dub outfit Jahtari return with star player Disrupt. This pivotal UK label have been pushing their 8-bit dub sound for many years now and should be celebrated as a key component of the modern landscape.


A. Chip On Fire
B. Jojos Skank

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