Dreams On 22

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Pace Yourself

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Sincere, sarcastic and unassumingly seminal: Glasgow's answer to Basic Channel, Southside's answer to Pub and Sandy's answer to those endless afters. 2s on the balcony and runs to the shop. An ode to the skyline; a symphony for the local legends; a tapestry of downtempo dreamscapes - from Shawlands to Neukölln and the world beyond. A warm dose of future-proof emotion. Strap in, this is one for heads, the lovers and all those along the way. Welcome to the layer cake son. Forever yours, Dream_E.


Matt says: Advanced electronica that stops you dead in your tracks. Unfathomably intricate, yet retaining that all important emotional edge, music for dreams? And the rest... So good it hurts.


A1. DreamOne
A2. DreamTwo
A3. DreamThree
B1. DreamFour
B2. DreamFive
B3. DreamSix
B4. DreamSeven

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