Le Volume Courbe

Fourteen Years

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Honest Jons

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“Fourteen Years” is the first of three 10”s comprising Charlotte Courbe’s third album. It marks her return to Honest Jon’s after two decades. Recently, Charlotte joined Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, singing and playing scissors. Her recording “Born To Lie” featured prominently in the TV series Killing Eve. Spotify has just voted her track “Rusty” amongst the best of the last decade. After a cancer diagnosis last year, Charlotte felt the urge to produce and release new music. ‘It became like a vital thing.’ “MRI Song” and “Planet Ping Pong” were recorded during chemotherapy. “Mind Contorted” is a duet with Terry Hall, also featuring Terry’s son Theodore, and Noel Gallagher on guitars, in a cover of Daniel Johnston. The song “Fourteen Years” is the oldest inclusion. Meant for LVC’s second album “I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me” it announces a fresh, freer direction. The sleeve exclusively presents new work by the celebrated English artist John Stezaker, in the first of a triptych. This EP is laced with surprise and subversiveness. Its refreshing candour sets it apart. It’s a unique, compelling listen.


Fourteen Years
Mind Contorted
MRI Song
Planet Ping Pong

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