Larry Levan

Larry Levan’s Classic West End Records Remixes Made Famous At The Legendary Paradise Garage

About this item

This is a compilation of nine tracks remixed (between 1979 and 1982) by Larry Levan, the DJ behind New York's famously influential nightclub, The Paradise Garage. Levan is a producer and remixer who, though he died in 1992, continues to be cited as one of the industry's greatest and most revered. Each of the nine individual full-length tracks was digitally remasterd specifically for this project. The sound quality is brilliant! The compilation comes complete with comprehensive liner notes giving the label's history, its relationship with Levan and anecdotes about each of the nine remixes and how each came about.


A1. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (Club Version)
B1. Ednah Holt - Serious, Sirius, Space Party (Club Version)
B2. Taana Gardner - No Frills - Club Version
C1. Peech Boys - Don’t Make Me Wait - Original Mix
D1. Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face - Female Vocal
D2. Sparque - Lets Go Dancin - Club Version
E1. Taana Gardner - Work That Body - Club Version
E2. Billy Nichols - Give Your Body Up To The Music - Club Version
F1. Taana Gardner - When You Touch Me - Vocal

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