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Scarred For Life Vol: 2

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Castles In Space

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Following on from last December’s sold out “Scarred For Life Volume One” CD and the subsequent clamour for a vinyl version, here we bring you a second volume of TV themes for the shows that might have been, or actually never were. An unashamedly hauntological deep dive into an alternative 70s/80’s where our viewing reality was slightly warped. Gauzy memories of our early interactions with the TV, long buried, but remaining in the periphery of our childhood memories...

The SFL Volume One team has been reassembled, with some significant new additions to the line-up. 

Taken from the sleevenotes: “You have in your hands an LP of top TV themes, all played with verve and panache by some of the most pre-eminent performers working in television soundtracks today. Whatever your taste in disturbing television viewing, this record is guaranteed to bring enjoyment to you and all the family. The selection of themes on the LP are penned and performed by a stunning array of star talent. Each piece of music, though intended to establish the mood of the series it accompanies, is deservedly popular in its own right, with several of these tunes already having made an impression on the upper reaches of the pop charts.
“From disorientating science fiction to creeping nuclear paranoia via unsettling children’s themes, Scarred For Life 2 is a record crammed with favourite tunes from your favourite programmes, so unrest assured that these pieces will not only give you many hours of listening pleasure but will also provide a lasting memento of your individual choices in the world of TV.”

Profits from this record will go to support the work of The Alzheimer’s Society.


Barry says: Absolutely essential collection here from some of the finest voices in today's synth music, with a wealth of audio imagery making it's way through to your earholes, warped from tv themes and childhood memories of youth. Double disc set on purple / red vinyl. Amazing.


Pocket Pavilions – The Halcyon Clock (Opening Titles) (Daniel Högberg)
The Twelve Hour Foundation – The Brain Children (Jez Butler, Polly Hulse)
Correlations – Recall (Neil Hale)
Handspan – What’s In The Box? (Rob Colling)
Cult Of Wedge – The Day Before Doomsday (Pete Hackett)
Oliver Cherer – Tension Piece (Oliver Cherer)
The British Stereo Collective – In The Tall Grass (Phil Heeks)
The Bentley Emerald Learning Resource – The City Of Golden Lead (Benjamin Green)
The Soulless Party – A School At War (Kev Thomas Oyston)
Quimper – Happy Borders ()
Keith Seatman – One Lost Weekend (Keith Seatman)
Listening Center – Intermission (David K. Mason)
Pulselovers – Dobbs And Clogg (Matthew Maxwell Handley)
The Heartwood Institute – You Cannot Win A Nuclear War (Jonathan Sharp)
Oliver Cherer – Down White Corridors (Oliver Cherer)
The Metamorph - Theme From Stardrive (Gavin Brick)
Vic Mars – The Time Menders Return (Matt Davies)
The Home Current – Unknown Sameness (End Titles)(Martin Jensen)
Panamint Manse – Sunstroke Scout (WP Ulmer)
Salvatore Mercatante – The Garden (Salvatore Mercatante)
The Home Current – Theme From Lobster Boy (Martin Jensen)
Apta – Equinox (Barry Smethurst)
The Central Office Of Information – Through The Arched Window (Alex Cargill)

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