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Time Together (Hues & Intensities)

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Time together (hues and intensities) is the debut album by Susannah Stark. Susannah has been active as a visual artist for some time and in recent years started working with sound as a central element of her art installation works. At the same time, she began feeling drawn to music and voice as a creative medium. Coming from a family of musically minded people, from a young age she was exposed to a mix of rock, folk and pop music, fiddle and piano lessons. 
These songs, formed out of vocal improvisation and exploration into different dimensions of softness in relation to the voice - a longstanding interest for the artist - focus on a heightened sensory experience of voice blended with keyboard synths, resonating trumpets, distorted percussion, guitar feedback, samples and field recordings. Composed between 2017 - 2020, these songs came to fruition over a period of time coinciding with an awakening spirituality in the artist. "Time Together" is an attempt at describing the beginning of a journey into self knowledge and spiritual awareness through music, creating something soothing and meditative that is also percussive and bass heavy to convey a diversity of spaces, places and emotional states navigated through voice and song.
Album opener "Saturn" reflects bittersweetly on past romantic encounters whilst giving an indication of what’s to come, as the understanding of what it is to love broadens and deepens, birthing new realisations and anticipating change. Soft voices resonate at a frequency that can soothe and aid in healing, but also at times be deceptive when considered along with what is being said. This is explored in "Dear Beloved Friend", a track which arose out of research into the favouring of Scottish accents in telesales, and also in phone scams. At times however, softness is integral to survival, particularly when faced with the heaviness of a world in which ego is allowed to dominate, a theme in "Unnatural Wealth".
"This Is For Us" responds to an ever changing living situation; impermanence, moments of dissonance, fragmentation and (re)connection with others, while "Remind You" is a timeless message of support and encouragement offered to a friend and younger sibling.
"Can Of Worms" was inspired by the teaching of selfless action through meditation and yoga contained in the Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse Hindu scripture known in english as ‘the song of god’. Meanwhile the soundscape of "Reprise" was intended to evoke landscapes inhabited by early Christian mystics in the western isles of scotland. 


A1. Saturn
A2. Dear Beloved Friend
A3. Reprise
A4. This Is For Us
B1. Remind You
B2. Can Of Worms
B3. Unnatural Wealth

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