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As if one Autechre announcement wasn't enough of a suprise, we get ANOTHER album within the space of a month. While 'Sign' was a superb standalone album, it was a surprising twist in the story of this northern electronic powerhouse. The terse atmospheres and claustrophobic electronic air of previous LP's had become a mainstay in their sound, sign eschewed that to some degree with moments of levity and light. 

'Plus' takes things right back to the Autechre we all know from yesteryear, with coarse electronic soundscapes and static percussion riding atop muddied seas of post-industrial noise and fractured, glitched dancefloor drive. 


Barry says: Plus takes the shimmering electronic glow of 'Sign' and passes it through a stack of resonators and distortion pedals for its undeniably related but uncompromisingly shadowy sister. 'Plus' perfectly bridges the stylistic gap between the old works and the new age of Autechre's legacy.


A1. DekDre Scap B
A2. 7FM Ic
A3. Marhide
B1. Ecol4
C1. Lux 106 Mod
C2. X4
D1. Ii.pre Esc
D2. Esle 0
D3. TM1 Open

01. DekDre Scap B
02. 7FM Ic
03. Marhide
04. Ecol4
05. Lux 106 Mod
06. X4
07. Ii.pre Esc
08. Esle 0
09. TM1 Open

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