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Recommended If You Like: Choir Boy, Jenny Hval, Kate Bush, Boy Harsher, Caroline Polachek, Black Marble, Julia Holter, Grouper, Pop. 'The Tipping Scale’ is the definition of dark pop--it’s an epiphany in a public space & an unraveling on the dance floor. Kinlaw’s unstoppable singing will guide you through an introspective and very strange dance party, complete with synths, whispers, and high energy beats. A deafening debut, these are songs to move your body to. Kinlaw is a smart, conceptual writer, one not afraid to explore deep emotions like loss, regret, and confusion.

She explains that 'The Tipping Scale' is an ideal metaphor for the record, the idea of an ever-present slipping in and out of change and acceptance. Kinlaw is a composer, choreographer, and artist focusing on empathic potential and agency developed by performance through audio, dance, and sculptural installation. Known for solo works and productions, she studies themes of power, memory, trauma, and connection. Her performances have been featured in institutions like MoMA and MoMA PS1.. “If you’ve ever wondered where sound, psychology, and dance intersect, look no further than Kinlaw.”


01. The Mechanic
02. Two Poets
03. Home
04. There She Is
05. Haircut
06. Potential Control Freak
07. Permissions
08. Oleander
09. Blindspot
10. The Road

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