Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo

The Dichotomy Of Control

Image of Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo - The Dichotomy Of Control
Record Label
El Paraiso

About this item

Martin Rude (Sun River) & Jakob Skøtt (Causa Sui drummer) team up for their 2nd album in 2020, following their acclaimed debut The Discipline of Assent. All basic tracks were cooked up from a new session on July 7th in Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk’s studio. This time around, the duo took it’s time to modulate a few ideas into several takes, but maintaining an “onwards and upwards” attitude, often relying on an original impulse or idea snagged out of the ether. The result is a meeting of groovy electric jazz, open guitar tunings and buzzing electronics. As one reviewer remarked about their previous outing: “like one of those films where the protagonists fall through walls into completely different sets”, which is fueled by the fact that Martin alternates between double bass & guitars. The session was thoroughly produced by Jakob Skøtt, adding layers of percussion, electronics, samples, edits & effects. A duo rarely sounded this band-like before, yet the telekinetic raw vibes of the basic layers shines through. It’s a deeply layered sound, where opposites are erased: Organic, yet synthesized. Chaotic, yet organized. Dissonant, yet melodic. Jagged, yet groovy. Experimental, yet enjoyable.


1. Ode To Sadiq - 4.21
2. Memory Tree - 3.44
3. Quem Nao Arrisca - 2.29
4. Shadowland - 3.53
5. The Veil - 4.42
6. Epictetus Wash - 2.42
7. The Rest Of The Way - 5.31
8. Une Décourverte Retentissante - 4.56
9. Canyon Collage - 10.55

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