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Ubuntu, Stringworx, Presents For Friends

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Music For Dreams

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Melodies seem to sprout from the hands of Reinhard Vanbergen. The multi-instrumentalist releases a bundle of no less than three new albums. Has he been seized by some kind of spirit, channeling higher creative forces through his body? Or does everything he plays around with just seem to work? Whatever it is, we’re digging it. The first album, Presents For Friends, consists of piano pieces, Stringworx is string pieces and Ubuntu dives into the world of the computer, as a mode of production and instrument in itself. A release that resists categorizing. It flies from bliss to whim, flirts with the sensational and the silly. An immersion and a playdate, with beautiful melodies, masterful harmonic shifts, eccentric fusions and little moments genius scattered throughout. 


Disc 1 Stringworx

A1 Billies Birthday
A2 Hillary
A3 Ticking Away Part 1
A4 Tree Of Life
A5 T.O.F Theme 11
B1 The Gate
B2 Ticking Away Part 3
B3 Sounds Of The Playground

Disc 2 Presents For Friends

C1 Voor Altijd
C2 Kozmo's Universe
C3 For Andy
C4 Rosa
C5 L'histoire D'elise Et Sa Giraffe Turquoise
C6 Melody Blue
C7 Juliens Journey
C8 Remi, Prince Of The Tundra
D1 Zoe
D2 A Brothers Tale
D3 Lovebirds
D4 Sids First Smile
D5 Love Will Find A Way
D6 Robbelicious
D7 Gus Gus Gus
D8 Hinda House
D9 Aurora Sunset

Disc 3 Ubuntu

E1 Cosmic Silence
E2 Blast From The Past
E3 Reborn
F1 The Road To Memphis
F2 For Charlotte
F3 Lucky Me

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