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Absolutely massive record here folks sleep at your peril! Two tripped out minimal and experimental house edits from MS-DOS who might be related to an Italian techno label but we're not allowed to spill the beans juusst yet..

Essential if you like Villalobos's "4 Disco Only' 12" and the vast majority of DJ Sprinkles' outout; these are highly detailed, intricate constructions around the minimal house framework. "CD" combines one of the most infectious talking-percussion rhythms I've ever heard with tuned low toms, drifted saxaphone lines and trademark indesipherable vox murmings hidden in the mix. If you've ever danced eyes-wide-shut through the morning and midday sun at any of Berlins 24 hour open air parties, you'll be finding the sway and pull of this groove lonng after your ket-buzz has worn off... this is ridiculous!

"Dir" has darker undertones and a bubbling, forward propelled groove. Taut string presets and a twangy low-mid piano motif greet a mystic vocal part for a shadow-dwelling, late nite number tailor made to tweak the freaks!

Hand stickered limited copies.

(Re)-Starting MS-DOS Operating Systems C:\>........

Launched in 1981. Terminated in 2000. Resurrected in 2020.

Get your Floppy Disks ready and brush your command prompt skills. MS DOS is back.

Highly recommended!


Matt says: Proper feeling this one folks. Anyone with a penchant for turn-of-the-millennium minimal house should be guzzling this one down. Top stuff and a welcome return of MS-DOS. Huge TIP!


A. CD (12:56)
B. Dir (8:56)

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