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If you're new to COD3 QR they release top drawer house and techno by reasonably famous producers operating completely anonymously for the label. Usually after 2 months the label reveal the artists involved on their instagram meaning that it's the music does the talking - not the hype!

Previous releases have drafted in th likes of Agents of Time, JoeFarr, Nicolas Bougaieff, Madben, CYRK and raising talent R.O.S.H. Well received here at Picc HQ, they've also received support from Laurent Garnier, who licensed one of the previously released tracks to his Tsugi 'Electro' mix.

Anyway, let's digest their latest offering (number nine so far). "Warehouse" kicks us off with intent, a rabid lead line spitting and splurting chaotically as hard kicks thump on. "I'll See You Again" sees a concentric, broken techno rhythm punctuate a grandiouse string, pad & synth array. Carefully placed drops and breakdowns keep this one ascending rite thru making it perfect for the bigger rooms and louder speaker stacks!

Onto side B and "Technique" flips the vibe for a grinding, low-end romp, constructed with meticulous 303 usage. Proper! "Pinstripe Groove" concludes with a high energy, fast tempo hybrid of breaks, tech and bass; a futureproof conclusion for a label with its sights set on the now. Fully endorsed by Kickin' Pigeon and related channels, one of the hottest labels in the underground right now! 


A1. Artist Code 4C4F1F - WAREHOUSE
A2. Artist Code 564F4C - I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN
B1. Artist Code 42495A - TECHNIQUE
B2. Artist Code 736F66 - PINSTRIPE GROOVE 

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