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Intense, brand new, Detroit minimal techno. Miss this one at your peril.

Produced by Andy Garcia and manufactured at Archer Record Press in Detroit, "The Pepper" EP signals an evolution in Detroit futurism and shows why the Motor City is still one of the most cutting edge musical landscapes on the planet.

"The Sermon", with its nigh-on-religious undertones, wraps twisted mainframe glitches and pitched-down vox to this spiritual synth motif which cycles through the track every 24 bars or so. Emotionally powerful with an almost tectonic force; one that'll reveal more and more beauty on repeat listens and is destined to become an end-of-night club-unifier when the doors finally open once again...

"Don't Do That" sees torn, stuttered and glitching rhythmic artefacts coalesced with revered synth patches and indecipherable machine chunner. Fans of the recent "Artists Series" records on Konsysttenzia should be feeling this one rite the way thru!

"Mosquito" is a controlled yet charged, intense ride into machine fuzz. A high pitched drone; a killer hat snare pattern and more extreme sfx characterize this as one wigged out slice of tunnel-burrowing techno!

Finally, "Tweeter Eater" is a light, cerebral affair with higher register patches converging in some kind of futuristic serenade. The odd flurry of bird song, warming pad plumes and a quirky, friendly vocal snippet all adding the mystery and intrigue.

A. Garcia shows you can still make breathtakingly good records in Detroit, ship em over to Manchester and not have to charge people £20+ for the privilege. Greedy / narcissistic producers / record labels - take note!

Highly recommended! 


A1. The Sermon
A2. Don't Do That
B1. Mosquito
B2. Tweeter Eater

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