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One really naughty, lo-fi retwist of "All I Do", either by Roy Davis Jr & Omar S, or Marvin Gaye, depending on which route to market you first discovered it. Everyone knows the sample, but few take the hook and use it as god damn recklessly and with zero fux given as this. Switching the lyrics to - 'keep talking shit, im gonna fuck you up' it's one of those wildcard records which makes absolutely no sense until you're deep on the sesh with a load of 25 year olds and this one drops in the club = mayhem.

Faux Conee's "Let's Do It" provides an acid tinged, electro-house jugglar-ripper; it's fizzy sawtooth and relentless drum patterns tailor made to keep the floor powering on post 3AM and certain to keep even the most able lighting engineers on their toes.   

Limited to 300 hand stamped white labels.
No repress. No MP3s.


Matt says: Mall Grab are you reading this?! Proper cheeky lo-fi house tackle here for the Project Skatepark massif.


A1. DJ Autopay - Keep Talking Shit
B1. Faux Conee - Let's Do It

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