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All Hash And Cock - The Very Best Of

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Imagine the Buzzcocks with Syd Barrett as the singer!" The Bachelor Pad : five lysergically-enhanced heads from Strathbungo, Glasgow. Psychedelic punks born into, but delightfully out of step with the UK indie fanzine culture of the time. Flashes of red and purple... Perfect pop buried amidst a nuclear maelstrom of noise and excitement. During their brief existence they burned bright, squeezing out an album, 5 singles and a flexi-disc, with the cream of the crop being served up on this career spanning compilation. Gatefold sleeve, color vinyl. "...amid the sonic bedlam, they write the sweetest melodies, they've got the most agreeable harmonies.

It's all about extremes: "Do It For Fun" is the noise your brain makes when everything you've taken comes on top at once; "Tumble And Fall" is as cute as a squirrel's nut, "The Coroner's Wife" is.... well, answers on a postcard, please." Alexis Petridis


1. The Albums Of Jack
2. Country Pancake
3. Girl Of Your Dreams
4. Abu Nidals Bus
5. I Feel Sick
6. Jack And Julian
7. Tumble And Fall
8. Do It For Fun
9. Coroners Wife
10. Garbagehead
11. Meet The Lovely Jenny Brown
12. I Want To Hold Your Head

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