Lanterns On The Lake

The Realist EP

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Bella Union

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The Realist includes four brand new tracks as well as a new reworked stripped-back arrangement of the single “Baddies”. Of the track and EP vocalist Hazel Wilde says: “The Realist is a song about being a dreamer, clinging to a vision and following your heart - even when that path can seem deluded to others. It was one of the songs that didn’t make it onto the album Spook The Herd as it didn’t fit sonically or narratively. It felt like it came from another place. So we began putting together this EP. We wanted to sculpt an intimate “headphones” record. One for the introverts and dreamers, the ones that still find beauty and magic in things. Recording some of the songs over lockdown in our homes helped in creating that world.”


1 The Realist
2 Understudy
3 Baddies (Model City Version)
4 Romans
5 Model City

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