The Prince Stoner


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Mystery Booms

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Sister of Groovedge Records, and highly celebrated off the back of its first two killer 7s, Mystery Booms brings together the Lyon electronic scene for new exercises in soundsystem-friendly, earth shattering dub!

First appearance is naturally delivered by previous contributor Irie Mona. Knowing perfectly how to inject new digi-attitude in an old school roots way of dubbing productions, "Po.Int" is pitch black dread. A sub-low bass rattling foundations as echo-drenched vox and sirens plague the mix. Comparisons could be drawn to Space Ape and Kode 9, or indeed the heavy digital steppers soundsystem scene that used to grace Manchester and Bradford; but this stands out all on its own as one monumental slab of new and powerful dub. 

Meanwhile, "UV Dub" also clatters around the echo chamber, an equally slaying exercise in bass pressure with beautifully executed spring reverberated vox carrying us through. 

Honestly, this is probably the best new digi-dub track we've heard for some time in here. Get those orders in quick! 


Matt says: Mystery Booms continue to prove why they're my no. 1 go-to choice for new, soundsystem slaying digi-dub and elecro-roots. Major TIP!


A. Poi.nts
B. U.V Dub

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