The Patchouli Brothers

Tugboat Edits Vol 15

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Star Creature

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New tackle from the ever-faithful, Star Creature affiliated, Tugboat Edits massive. Infamous splicers, The Patchouli Brothers on motion duties. Previously having graced many a respected stable with their skills on the cutting table, the Canadian dance dons roll out four highly infectious edits that general fall into peak time disco territory. Keeping things hi-nrg is "Body Party" that, to my embarrassment (and with no Patrick on hand to quiz), escapes an ID on this pass; but think Sylverster & Patrick Adams huffing a load of poppers in San Francesico and getting busy in the studio. "Fire", with its lush sax, funky clavs and sexy Strat licks is less rampant but equally arresting; a smooth mid-session killer that I could see Horse Meat Disco utilizing to devastating effect. "Sweet Honey" sees Patchouli Brothers get busy on the filters and loop switches, extending and tweakin the proverbials outta, you guessed, another un-IDable slab of fast action, horn-driven peak disco. One of those slammers you'd expect to catch on a Black Cock, or at least given more than its fair share of road testing from Senor Harvey; top marks to the lads for slicing this c**t up. "Always Dancin" concludes this vital new addition to the volumous edits libray with a smashing re-jiggle of Benny Golson's "I'm Always Dancing To The Music" - a sensually slow soul cut in original form, but here xtra-kineticized by PB into a frenzied disco-house / French Touch-styled monster! Yes cru!!!

Top drawer stuff all the way from this delectable duo. You need.


Side 1
1. Body Party (7:57)
2. Fire (6:00)
Side 2
1. Sweet Honey (6:48)
2. Always Dancin (5:30)

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