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Camry Horses

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Osàre! Editions

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Free Range are back with their second outing for Osàre editions. ‘Camry Horses’ is a mesmerising dive into the brutal pop-tinged electronics of the duo, taking the mutant surrealism of their first release on the label a step further. Deliciously droning, Matt Weiner and Ernestas Sadau warp melancholic synth over a stomping-techno pulse in ‘Jet Lag is Calling.’ ‘Thunder God’ predicts transmogrifying weather patterns, while ‘Liquid Latex’ casts a touch of dominatrix energy, all powered by hypnotic dancefloor occultism.


Patrick says: As narcotic and moody as its cover suggests, this long player from Free Range on Osàre! Editions is a frazzled and freaked out masterpiece on a tribal electronix / EBM / zero grav tip.


A1. Frog America
A2. Junk Food Overdose
A3. Jet Lag Is Calling
A4. Psychobunny
A5. Horror Flesh
B1. Thunder God
B2. Sorcerer
B3. Saturnalia
B4. Rednex
B5. Liquid Latex

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