Automatic Tasty

A Farewell To Reason

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Wrong Island Communications

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It's the return of Automatic Tasty! This humble but prolific synth molester has been quietly doing his thing for over a decade, releasing his unique output on a variety of labels such as Wrong Island Communication, Lunar Disko, Acid Waxa and Acroplane Recordings, and bagging himself adoration from right across the board (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem and Fantastic Man are all fans!).

Here he departs slightly from his pastoral acid sound and picks up the microphone for a collection of melancholic pop songs entitled "A Farewell To Reason".

From the side-eyed sarcasm of "A Happy Town" to the reflective urgency of "Wake Up Dead", the album traverses landscapes of sorrow and good humour - representing a stoic acceptance of the problems of modern life and a yearning for something different.

'Something special happened with these songs - I've never had a desire to sing or anything, but the words and melodies all kind of fell out of the cosmos fully formed'. While some pieces such as "Ballad For A Modern Man" convey a certain urban sense of loneliness and isolation, others like "Onward Forward" are more optimistic. 'These songs are my own attempt at navigating a certain melancholy which was hanging around me at the time I think. They're very dear to me'.


Matt says: Beautifully quirky, dead pan electro pop musings. If you liked Baxter Dury, especially the Étienne De Crécy one, you're gonna love this!


A1. Ballad For A Modern Man
A2. A Happy Town
A3. Forward Progress
B1. Wake Up Dead
B2. These Days
B3. Onward Forward

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