Isobel Campbell

Milkwhite Sheets

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Cooking Vinyl

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Originally release in 2006, "Milkwhite Sheets" was conceived and recorded in tandem and shortly after "Ballad Of The Broken Seas". It's a piercingly beautiful set of traditional folk songs and originals, on the surface tranquil, with turbulence underneath. More intimate, more deftly twisted than "Ballad…", it draws on broader and more personal influences.


1. O Love Is Teasin'
2. Willow's Song
3. Yearning
4. James
5. Hori Horo
6. Reynardine
7. Milkwhite Sheets
8. Cachel Wood
9. Beggar, Wiseman Or Thief
10. Loving Hannah
11. Are You Going To Leave Me?
12. Over The Wheat & The Barley
13. Thursday's Child

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