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Crystal Machine

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Timothy Blake (London, 1952) is a composer, keyboardist, synthesizer player, tape operator, vocalist and arranger who gained attention when working with cult acts like Gong and Hawkwind, as well as a freelancing member of the French cosmic-proggers Clearlight Symphony and for Steve Hillage. In the context of cosmic rock, alongside all German pioneers such as Kluster, Tangerine Dream, Organisation, Kraftwerk, and Ash Ra Temple, the English born, French based, Tim Blake occupies a highlighted seat. However, Blake is also a mastermind-pilot of the so-called electronic prog, where other stellar names like Klaus Schulze, Michael Garrison, Edgar Froese and Vangelis, figure as exponents. Hold your body and mind belts, and immerse yourself into a cornerstone of cosmic music in a double remastered vinyl - one them filled with rarities - called "Crystal Machine" by the visionary Tim Blake, English composer and synthesizer master. Recorded in 1976/7, it remains echoing as a timeless effort, pretty much still alive. This is a deadly serious art piece, accordingly trippy in all its aspects, full of strangeness and sheer beauty. 

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