Obit For Sunshade

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Mood Hut

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New Mood Hut! Form an orderly (and socially distanced..) queue please!

"Obit For Sunshade" is digital technology half buried in the soil, transparent emotion in the intertidal zone; ferns growing by night out of a 4x4 flatbed. Brought to you by Scott Gailey, a new signing on taste-defining cult label: Mood Hut. The Canadian Rivieran firm have single-handedly carved an idiosyncrative paradisical world out of dusty drum machines, old synths and the odd bit of vocal interplay. On this tranquil and horizontal offering Hotspring shows a tender, hypnotic and highly liminal side as we drift off into an electro-acoustic dream world. An enchanted garden rich with intriguing fauna - vocodered passages merge effortlessly with languid synthscapes and blissed-out keyboard motifs. There's a few more excitable moments towards the end, where manipulated live drums permeate thick, sweaty atmospheres but it's mainly an ambient and almost gravity free excursion from begining to end. Load up your favourite vape device, lay down some cushions and get submerged in some of the angelic ambient music you're likely to hear all Autumn! 


Matt says: Hugely seductive semi-ambient album from the Mood Hut massive. Rounding off a rather turbulent global Summer in refreshingly arresting style. TIP!


1. Peace Whorl
2. 5000 Tons
3. Clothes
4. Resounding
5. Nighttime
6. Obit For Sunshade
7. An Item
8. Warmlight V365

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