Wagon Christ


Image of Wagon Christ - Recepticon

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LUKE VIBERT's first WAGON CHRIST release in nearly a decade released on PEOPLE OF RHYTHM RECORDS on yellow colored double vinyl and CD. Cover art by illustrator CELYN BRAZIER (who has illustrated previous WAGON CHRIST releases on NINJA TUNE and ASTRALWERKS). LUKE VIBERT has been key in pioneering and developing the “trip-hop” or “downtempo” genre of electronic music over his long, storied career. Creating, sampling and using various instrumental hip hop and funk riffs, found electronic sounds, rare breakbeats, outlandish spoken word samples, and carefully mined sound bites, along with LUKE’s signature sample pack of sounds. All mixed up and bound together with those thick WAGON CHRIST grooves.


1. Hello
2. Boogie Serious
3. Hazlehertz
4. Alright
5. U R Here
6. Never Odd Or Odd
7. Special Designer Song
8. Bleep Me Out
9. Same Ol’, Same Ol’ Recording
10. Likewutchyadoo
11. Innosynth
12. Recepticon
13. Lunderneath
14. Lavenger

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