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Tax Free

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Though they don't seem close to the 6Music playlist, Tax Free have been turning out some seriously cool music for a couple of years now, and the return of Gerry Franke is welcome in my world. Last time out on 'Ulam Spiral', Gerry wove a wiggy spell between tribal percussion, jazzy guitar and disjointed dub, and 'Morphology' sticks with the palette but twists the focus into something more refined and impactful.

There's plenty to please Balearic beards here, whether it be the reverb soaked acoustic guitar and breathy pads of opener "Una Roca" (RIYL Joan Bibiloni), or the Arthur Russell-meets-Laswell groove of "You" (seen in two versions). Rhythmic duo 'La Cabina', 'Quince', 'El Puplo' and 'Staub' dance into the fourth world, while the psychedlic 'Syria' and 'Derd' utilise traditional instruments and backwards guitar to harness Zeppelin in Morocco. Gerry gives us a little techno club-dub on "La Corona" (check the subs and grab your face mask), soundtracks a particularly dark Seagal segment on "Una Finitud". Deep musica within folks!


1. Una Roca
2. You
3. La Cabina
4. El Pulpo
5. Syria
6. La Corona
7. Una Finitud
8. Staub
9. Derd
10. Quince
11. You (Ancora)

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